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Monthly Flower Bunches

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Enjoy Extra-large, farm-fresh, Flower Bunches delivered to your home once a month. These are not bouquets of mixed flowers but big bunches of one flower variety. For example, one month you may receive a large bunch of tulips, the next month may be snapdragons or lisianthus. All of the flowers are grown on our farm chemical-free and carefully selected for to ensure you receive the best flowers we have to offer. This package is a lot of fun and allows you to see the local flower season change with us. 


Each month you will receive a new type of flower along with an informational letter about that flower variety. This is a great way to learn about local flowers while also enjoying them in your home. Choose from 3 month or 6 month subscriptions. They also make a wonderful gift!

3 Month Flower Bunch Subscription

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Enjoy half a season of local flowers with extra-large farm fresh bunches delivered to your home once a month. Choose from spring/summer or summer/fall for 3 consecutive months of flower bunches delivered to your home. 

6 Month Flower Bunch Subscription


Enjoy a full season of extra large flower bunches delivered to your home once a month. For 6 consecutive months you will receive flowers allowing you to see the entire local flower season change along with us. 

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