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My name is susie, and I am the owner of Little Mountain Flower Farm. Ever Since I was a Girl, I have had a deep love for art, design and beautiful things. That Passion led me to attend design school where I was drawn to costume design and couture and all the little detail work that went along with it. 

One year before graduating, I started to gain a deep interest in the sciences and ultimately ended up with a biology degree. It was during that time that I began gardening and each year my garden grew and grew.


I was attracted to the connection with the soil, nature, and the life cycles that are constantly changing inside of a garden. The Dynamic beauty of the plants and insects inspired me. I knew then that I would always have a garden. 

That love for growing, eventually led me to get my Master's degree in soil science. Research in soil quality taught me so much about growing and the importance of healthy soil in the lives of plants. 

Soon after graduation I found out my husband and I were going to have a baby boy. I wanted to find a way to stay home with him. When a local florist needed flowers in a pinch, the idea for the farm was born. 

Today I am fortunate enough to grow tens of thousands of flowers on my little homestead. The farm is a combination of so many of the things I enjoy most. I feel incredibly lucky to work with flowers every day and to have the opportunity to bring that sunshine into people's lives. 

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