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What is flower CSA bouquet subscription?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It is a way to support your local farmer by purchasing a portion of their harvest in advance. With a flower CSA bouquet subscription you are purchasing a share of our flowers in advance. By doing so, we can invest in our farm and move confidently through the year knowing we have customers for what we are growing. 

In exchange we offer bouquets filled with lush designer quality flowers. We work hard on our CSA to ensure CSA customers are rewarded with amazing bouquets for putting their trust in us and helping to support our farm. 


What do I receive when I order a CSA Bouquet Subscription

You will receive a large bouquet for 4 consecutive weeks, choosing from spring, high summer or fall. Each flower is hand selected from the field to provide CSA members with the best flowers we have to offer. We do not use filler flowers in these, only designer quality stems are used in our CSA bouquets.


Each week we try to bring something new so our CSA members can experience a variety of blooms. Often some of our rare trial varieties pop up in these, as well as flowers you only see in weddings and events. This is one of our most popular items and the majority of CSA members return, with many of them gifting them to friends and family. 





After the long winter, everyone is ready for spring flowers! These bright and cheery flower bouquets always get people excited. Starting in March/April spring bouquets may include flowers like ranunculus, tulips, anemones, peony among others. This is a great way to celebrate the beginning of springtime!

The sunshine of summer brings with it new flowers. This is the time all of the colorful heat-loving flowers are at their best. Starting in July and running through August, summer bouquets may include lisianthus, zinnias, sunflowers, celosias, and many others. 

Starting in August and running through September these bouquets are all about the dahlias! Flower lovers will enjoy the variety of shapes, styles and colors of dahlias that show up in these bouquets. Other flowers you are likely to see include zinnias, amaranths, and celosias, among others. 

Bouquet Subscription Options

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